How to Start 2019 off Right!

Posted by The PopUp Team on Dec 20, 2018

2018 is drawing to a close.  Thoughts of 'have I made progress?  What have I achieved?  Should I set New Year's resolutions?' start to creep into our minds as we begin to think about what 2019 will bring.

Over the last 10 years, I have been refining my personal goal setting process. I use this process every year - it allows me to reflect and learn from the previous year, as well as set the next year up in the best way for success. I have been doing this for over 10 years now and I have spent a lot of time refining the questions and working through the process to set 2019 up correctly.  This holiday season, I want to give you the gift of my 10 years of  work! Check out my video as I explain a bit more:



I want share my process with you and give to you the questions I use to inspire myself, my wife and the PopUp team every year. Get my questions here:

New Years Reflection Questions

My process has three main parts:

  1. Reflection  - looking back what have I loved, what have I hated, what has been the highs and lows and some questions to really think through what 2018 has been.
  2. Looking forward - a set of questions about what do we want to achieve in 2019, where are we going, what are we planning, designed to get us excited about 2019!
  3. What am I actually going to do? - turning the above into actions that you can actually get done early in the new year to set your motivation and give good energy. 

The first part of the process is pulling out of your head what just happened in 2018!  By reviewing what has happened we can really start to learn from 2018  and discover how we want 2019 to be different.  We figure out who we loved working with, where we enjoyed spending our time, what worked and what didn't. 

Next, we need to get excited about 2019 and start to think of all the things we could achieve, places we could go and things we could do. This is the creative bit of the process – get up, jump around, put on some cool music, get your energy flowing and start writing down your answers.

The final, and most important step, is creating your specific actions.  We have to boil down these big lofty goals, plans and ideas into something more manageable, meaning something you can do straight away.  Something small enough you can do it in one sitting; something that you can just do to get started.

The hardest part with making anything real is starting.  Once you get going it is amazing the momentum you build up!

Examples of next actions might be:

  • Sign up for Weebly account so you can build your own website
  • Come along to a PopUp Business School event for helping building a business. Book tickets on
  • Call your a trusted friend about doing business together
  • Book a flight for your dream holiday
  • Book on course to learn new skill
  • Fire that client who is difficult to deal with

What we need to do is take the dreams and break them down into actual next actions you can take a step on!  This is CRITICAL.  If you don't break it down and have a clear next step, then you will never get started or you'll lose momentum very quickly.

Every single year, my wife and I write down our answers to these questions and swap. It really helps to share this stuff with your significant other (if you have one!)  If not then find a great friend to collaborate with!

Once my wife and I swap back, I go through my answers again and pull out the next actions.

Then I get on with it.  I know the more energy I can put towards attacking this stuff with early on in the year the more likely it is to happen.  So get on the phone and send emails and ask people to get started! Eat those frogs!

Get your questions and enjoy answering them. The PopUp Team all fill these in every Christmas and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Let us know what you think of the process or any exciting big goals you set in the comments below.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Alan and the PopUp Team

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Written by The PopUp Team

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